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Explore the roots of Western Civilization
Aegean Adventures
A high end specialty travel organization devoted to Greece.

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Who we are

 Aegean is a high end specialty travel organization devoted to Greece.

Our services reflect exceptional quality and personal attention to our clients’ vacation details. Nothing is left to chance. No other tour operator in Greece can offer you such a cornucopia of diverse activities to enhance your Greek experience.

Aegean Adventures offers leisure and active vacations, guided or self-guided. You have option to take private driver or self-drive.

Leisure activities include visits to legendary archeology sites, wine tasting, traditional Greek cooking classes, relaxing on award winning Blue Flag beaches.

Active pursuits include cycling, hiking, sailing, sea sports, running events. On a customized tour, you can combine a leisure and active vacation.

Aegean Adventures is a high end specialty travel tour operator offering soft adventure and leisure tours for all travelers wanting an authentic experience in Greece. Aegean Adventures is the parent company for our other brands which we developed to reach a broad section of niche travelers.

Our exclusive sailing division on traditional wooden yachts, offering day tours for up to 30 passengers and multi-day cruises for up to 12 passengers.

City break low impact eco-friendly tours, offering day tours and multi-day packages in Athens and the Attika region

Our exclusive cycling division, offering guided and self-guided tours on road bikes or hybrids in Greece and the Greek islands

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Greece — the Ultimate Playground! For hundreds of years, adventurers and pleasure seekers – such as, Lord Byron, Henry Miller, Jacques Cousteau — have gravitated to Greece to [...]


Greece has 15,000 kilometers of coastline, 1,400 islands and one of the oldest sailing cultures in the world. Stand anywhere on Greek territory and you are within 100 kilometers of the sea.  With [...]

Cycling Excursions

Cycling Excursions What is Europe’s best kept secret? For cyclists, the rural roads of Greece. Compared to Italy, France or Spain, the Greek countryside is practically virgin terrain to the [...]

Walks & Hikes

N 37° 58.026’ E 023°43.744’ Exploring Greece by foot means . . . Diverse Ecosystems Deep gorges.  Alpine lakes.  Eagles and birds of prey.  Idyllic beaches. Coastal lagoons and wetlands. Wild [...]

Running Events

Running Events Greece is the home of the original Marathon. For running events, you can’t beat that provenance. It surely compels any runner — athlete or casual — to want to [...]

Aegean Adventures

The Aegean Doctrine

On your vacation you get a taste of authentic Greece, an intimate exchange with locals and exceptional activities you could never experience on your own. That’s because we believe in and are committed to the Aegean Doctrine:

  • Promoting Greece’s greatness as an incomparable world heritage site whose heroic legacy must be preserved for future generations
  • Striving to ensure that our guests are super-satisfied and that a slice of Greece has penetrated their soul and enhances their life
  • Helping to foster eco-friendly, sustainable travel to Greece with sensible practices that enrich both the foreign guest and the local community

good words. good people.

  • “We definitely have very fond memories of our trip -- it was truly fabulous, and I'm very disappointed to be back sitting at a desk for most of the day! Accommodations: 10+ – I really wasn’t expecting such fabulous places. Avli [in Crete] was just incredible, I’m so glad we had two nights there, and we really loved Enagron as well. We certainly enjoyed all our conversations with our hosts ”

    Monica & Jason Madill
    Monica & Jason Madill Toronto, Canada
  • Had a smooth trip home, Don had the best time he still hasn't quit talking about Greece.  I asked him what was his favorite island and he said Santorini because of the hiking we did.  Thank you for everything.

    Louise Taylor
    Louise Taylor Olympia, WA
  • We loved the Santorini hiking tour and would love to help you promote.  I would be more than happy to talk about the trip to anyone.

    Jean Weiss
    Jean Weiss Minnesota


The first Olympics is traditionally dated to 776 BC. The games were always held at Olympia rather than alternating to different locations as is the tradition with the modern Olympic Games. Victors at the Olympics were honored, and their feats chronicled for future generations. To the Greeks, it was important to root the Olympic Games in mythology. During the time of the ancient games their origins were attributed to the gods, and competing legends persisted as to who actually was responsible for the genesis of the games.

Travel Activities

Aegean Adventures offers a full pack of activities. We are most proud of our Specialized fleet of bicycles.  Road or hybrid, flat or drop handlebars, they are lightweight, 27 gears, triple chain ring, carbon fiber fork.  Our vehicle bike rack was designed by a local Greek who built the bike racks for the 2004 Athens Olympics bike teams.   Our wooden sailboats are also dear to us. Walking sticks are available for hikes and walks if you are not inclined to pack your own.  Sea kayaks are available when specified on active tours.


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